Beauty Boss

What is Hello Gorgeous Beauty Boss?

One of Hello Gorgeous’ mission is to empower women by giving them livelihood which where they could be their own boss and redefine their success on their own phase while enjoying every girl’s passion... love for cosmetics!

Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, a working student who’s looking for an additional income or just a beauty junkie who genuinely loves natural, organic and cruelty free cosmetics to share to your peers then you could be the next Beauty Boss!

What are the perks of being a Beauty Boss?

  • Low Capital

  • Work from home

  • High Return

  • Enjoy your passion while earning
Is there an annual membership fee

No, you only need to sign up as a Hello Gorgeous Beauty Boss once. As part of your registration requirement, you would have to purchase Php 10,000 worth of products (discount included) if you intend to sign up as a Hello Gorgeous Beauty Boss.


Feline. Cat Eyeliner 280 5 1400
Silly Foaming Wash 390 5 1950
Assorted FacialMask 300 5 1500
Unicorn Elixir 380 5 1900
Fruit Punch Water Tint (Assorted) 100 10 1000
Rose Face Mist 100 ml 240 10 2400
Make Up Setting Spray 100 ml 250 5 1250
Sea Salt Spray 100 ml 240 5 1200
Soap (Assorted) 160 5 800
Total Amount     13400
25% Discount     3350


Beauty Boss Registration Process


Beauty Boss may go directly to store to register and fill out the form. Beauty Boss ID number will be assigned.


How to sign up?

1. Fill out complete information
2. Attach valid ID. (No valid ID = Reject application) 3. Submit application
4. Wait for Hello Gorgeous approval.

You will receive an email if your application is approved together with your Beauty Boss ID number and Beauty Boss Starter Kit.

Beauty Boss Starter Kit
Official Beauty Boss Certificate
Copy of Terms and Conditions Form
Link to all marketing collaterals (product photos and videos)

Link to price list and catalogue

You will be assigned on the nearest store to place your order. You can only purchase from the assigned store.




    10-000 - 14,999


    15,000 - 19,999


    20,000 & above




    Do I need to maintain my Beauty Boss discount?

    Yes, you must maintain the monthly minimum purchase requirement of Php 10,000 or accumulated purchases for 3 months which is Php 30,000. If you are unable to maintain the monthly purchase for a three month rolling period, your status will be Inactive. To reactivate the account, you must start again with the minimum purchase requirement of Php 10,000.

    As a Hello Gorgeous Beauty Boss, you are entitled to discount depending on your monthly purchases. There is a minimum required amount in order to maintain the discount within your Beauty Boss rank. For example, to get a 27.5% discount on a Beauty Boss rank you must have at least Php 15,000 total monthly purchase. If it falls below that minimum, your discount the following month will go down to 25%.

    How can I get higher discounts?

    As mentioned above, you can get a higher discount by meeting the monthly minimum requirement for purchases of the discount level that you would like to achieve. For example, if your discount for this month is 25% and you would like your discount to increase to 27.5%, your minimum total purchases by the end of the month should at least be Php 15,000. Beauty Boss discounts can go as high as 30%.

    How do I place new orders?

    Upon your registration online, you will be assigned to a store near you to place your order or via website if there is no store near your area. You can only place your order on the assigned store.

    Store Order

    You may go directly to the store near you to register and place your order.
    You may place an advance order via call/text/email to the assigned store. Advanced order may be only reserved 1 day and will be automatically cancelled if not picker up.

    Online Order

    If you are assigned to place your order on the website. You will receive an email from us and create your account. After creating your account, you can start ordering on the website.

    What are your payment options?

    For store assigned orders, you may pay cash directly to the store. For online store orders, please find our payment options below:

    a) Bank Transfer - You may deposit cash to:

    Account name: Stellar Trade Brands Corp.
    BDO account number: 006588075609
    Branch: Greenhills - Annapolis

    For payment confirmation, kindly reply to the email that was sent to you after your check out. In an event that you did not received any email, please send it to so we can immediately respond. Please include your order number on the subject and send a clear copy of the deposit slip. Please send this within 7 days to avoid cancellation of order.

    Orders can only be processed once payment has reflected. Online and mobile fund transfers made outside business hours of 9am-6pm will only be reflected in our account within 1-2 banking days. Interbank fund transfers will take 3-5 banking days. Also, processing charges are automatically deducted. Kindly ensure that the amount of fund transfer covers the whole amount of the order including the charges.(Kindly contact your bank for the actual charges before making the transfer.)

    b. PayPal – choose to pay via Paypal on the check out section. No need to send the proof of payment via email if processed via Paypal.

    How soon can I get my order?

    Upon confirmation of your payment, you will receive your orders within 2-5 working days for deliveries within Metro Manila and 3-7 working days for provincial areas.

    Ordering and shipping guidelines vary in branches. You may contact them for more information. View our complete branch directory here.