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Naturally Handmade, Naturally Gorgeous Cosmetics!

About Us

Unlike telenovelas, our story didn’t start as dramatic as what we usually see on TV. Ours humbly began in 1998 as Skinline in Hagonoy, Bulacan – a Day Spa that offers facial and body care treatments. It is the first and only specialty personal care concept of its kind on our side of town, where our homemade products are presented as new alternatives to traditional cosmetics and body care ideas.

In February 2016, we started repackaging the products we use in our clinics for our customers to purchase and take home under the name Skinline Essentials.

With the help of websites, social media, and independent bazaars, Skinline Essentials started creating a name for itself and has generated a loyal following.

In just a matter of nine months, Skinline Essentials’ Facebook page already has 1,934 followers and 4,350 followers on Instagram. We then noticed that most of our customers are very hip, young, and adventurous, and we want our brand to speak their language.

This is why we are changing our name from Skinline Essentials to Hello Gorgeous! by Skinline.